Replay – Blogging as a Local Business LIVE Google+ Hangout on Air + Q&A – 1/10/14

Update 1/10/14: The Blogging as a Local Business Google+ Hangout on Air was an absolute blast (as always). We love hanging out with you guys, getting your questions, comments, and also helping you become more adept at blogging for your local business.

We covered why you should blog as a local business, how blogging power boosts all of your other local business internet marketing efforts, where you should blog, how you should blog, and more!

Below is the replay if you missed the hangout. If you want to join us Live on our next Hangout, scroll below this video and fill out your email and click the little yellow button. This will sign you up for our Google+ Hangout Scheduler which will let you know automatically when our next LIVE Google+ Hangout on Air is.

Also, if you’re looking for the Local Business Blogging Manual, you can find it below the video as well!

We hope you enjoy the replay.

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This event took place on 1/10/14 and has concluded. The replay is available above.

A local business blog will get you more local customers.

It’s that simple.

On Friday January 10th at 9AM CST we’re going to continue our LIVE Google+ Hangouts on Air and we’ll be tackling how to blog as a local business.

You’ve probably heard you need to be blogging as a local business but has anyone ever tried to explain why? Have they ever explained how to blog and how to blog effectively?

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this Hangout. We’ll tell you why you should blog, how to blog, where your blog should go, why Google loves blogs, how to use your blog to drive more interaction on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, as well as why your blog will make your website immensely more valuable. We’ll also cover the biggest mistake local businesses make when blogging that renders their blogs (not to mention their time) worthless.

Everyone, from beginner to advanced, is going to walk away with something valuable from this LIVE Hangout.

We’ll have about a 25 minute instructional period to cover the basics when it comes to blogging as a local business and then we’ll go into our open Q&A for the rest of the time where you can ask any questions you want and we’ll deliver! We’ll also give attendees the first shot at downloading our Blogging for Local Business Guide.

Make sure you register for the Hangout below. We recommend registering through one of your social accounts. The app will ask for your permission to connect your service with the Hangout but that’s just so you can log in through your social media account into the Google+ Hangout.

If you would rather sign up through your email, click the green BHO option and you can create an account quickly and sign up through email. We always take your privacy incredibly seriously and never share any of your information with 3rd parties. One last thing, when you join the hangout, try not to use Internet Explorer. Apparently, the Hangout has been having issue with this browser. Chrome, Firefox, Safari are all reported to work.

Make sure you register for the Hangout below and we’ll see you on Friday the 10th!

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